Introducing your new best friend: The Plaza 500 Concierge

Plaza 500 offers full-time concierge services 12 hours a day, seven days a week. You’ll be able to arrange for such convenient goodies as dry cleaning pick up/drop off, housekeeping services, package deliveries and more. Our concierge will be stationed in the lobby, giving you added security as well.

Calling Rover to the Plaza

Plaza 500 is pet friendly! Certain floors have been designated for renters with pets. This includes cats, dogs and birds. We do reserve the right to limit the type and number of pets per suite. We also require a pet security deposit of one half of a month’s rent. For those of you with pets who get dirty paws while out walking, the pet wash in the underground parking garage is sure to come in handy.

Park your bike, car and stuff

Pick the kind of storage you need: Plaza 500 offers residents a secure bike room. We also have private bike lockers, private storage lockers and gated underground parking available for a monthly fee.

Meet your downstairs neighbours

Talk about convenient. Firefly Fine Wines & Ales, which features an extensive and brilliantly curated selection of fine wines, ales and spirits, is situated on the ground level of Plaza 500. In the mood to laugh? Yuk it up at Yuk Yuk’s, found on the lower level Plaza 500’s Annex.