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English amour in Amor

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English amour in AMOUR English


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English amour in Amor

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If put behind, it's for have not.

  • Another analogie: brave type: a nice guy, can be coward; un homme brave: un homme courageux, can be arrogant, insolent etc at same time.

  • Anne calls for Georges to bring a coat, and he complies, following her out of the door.

  • Several months before the opening scene, Anne and her husband Georges , both retired piano teachers in their eighties, attend a performance by one of Anne's former pupils, Alexandre.

Chanson d'amour in English

Anne undergoes surgery on a blocked carotid artery, but the surgery goes wrong, leaving her paralyzed on her right side and confined to a wheelchair.

  • He began writing in the hope that this would occur to him at work, but this did not happen.

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