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  • Suki Kim They wore uniforms shirt, tie, dark trousers, jacket at school.

  • For this book, she secretly took and hid notes while working as a teacher -- often going to great lengths to conceal the information she was gathering -- before returning to America to write and publish the memoir.

  • My students, in contrast, were from the upper echelon of North Korean society, and I thought their lives would be far less circumscribed than those of defectors.

Fear, loneliness, and duty — an American journalist on daily life in North Korea

Suki Kim There were moments where you could see a little interior light shining through, where they would almost express frustration about this or that, but they're not allowed to act on any of this, and so it's all subtle and controlled.

  • I had been reporting on North Korea since 2002, always searching for an opportunity to get behind the façade.

  • Suki Kim I never sensed that they considered their regime authoritarian in that way, and, again, some of that may be because they were children of pro-regime families and therefore soldiers of the Great Leader.

  • Every season needs a drama queen to keep things lively.