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Sinema has shattered many glass ceilings.

  • Right, she's a cutie, but she's also more than that, even in looks; with that determined chin and take-no-prisoners forehead, she could play the title role in U-571.

  • Her professional career as a model began at the age of just 3 and after appearing in several commercials for various companies while growing up, she finally entered the field of acting by making her debut with the short film Oedipus Wrecks for the anthology film New York Stories in 1989.

  • One reason I'm glad Kirsten Dunst is growing up is that I'd like to be able to enjoy watching her onscreen without feeling depraved.

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  • Since Dunst, unlike Lyonne or Ricci, does have the kind of cheerleader prettiness that fits the industry's notions of beauty, she's almost sure to fare better.

  • She is the daughter of mother Inez Rupprecht and father Klaus Dunst.

  • Before Kim has had her first sexual experience, she consulted with her mom, followed her advice, practiced safe sex and took the pill.