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But many critics believe that the young celebrity has something close to a dangerously liberal spirit, which pushes her too far in the wrong direction.

  • Let's be real: Amanda Bynes was one of the most endearing Nickelodeon television stars of her generation.

  • Detained: Amanda is seen in handcuffs following her arrest 'It's almost like she couldn't bother to get more blinds,' Giovanni said.

  • The big, nerdy clear glasses are just part of what makes the actress unrecognizable here.

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The man in question, who would go only go by the name of 'Joe', is one of the men who provided the pictures to In Touch.

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  • Then she'll relight the half,' 'Joe' told the magazine.

  • Amanda Bynes Indulges in More Twitter Oversharing About Her Nose JobCreating an Amanda Bynes overshare meme seems like a pretty good weekend afternoon project forā€¦Read moreAdvertisementAdvertisementGiovanni ArnoldThe paparazzo who scored big for In Touch after he got himself invited into Bynes weed-soaked apartment and took a shit load of pictures before Frenching her so profesh! The Captain America sweatshirt she is wearing is quite flashy, but walking a dog is a very mundane activity that everyone should be allowed to do without being hounded down by anyone pun intended.