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In the last film Presley made as an actor, the very forgettable Change of Habit, he was teamed with a sitcom actress who would be arguably the biggest star out of all his leading ladies with the possible exception of Ann-Margret.
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At the court hearing, he trashes Sam's image and, outraged, Sam confronts him.

List of General Hospital characters (2010s)

Willow was drugged and raped by Shiloh, becoming pregnant, and gave up her son for adoption to protect him from Shiloh.

James Coburn

After left to revive and , he begins to replace Robin again like he did last year before he began a relationship with head nurse.

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On The Incredible Hulk, Bill Bixby's David Banner need only get angry to turn into the green-skinned Hulk -- but for Lou Ferrigno, the bodybuilder who actually played the monster-superhero, the transformation was more involved.

List of General Hospital characters (2010s)

Dolly Read was fresh off her appearance in Playboy as Miss May 1966.

List of General Hospital characters (2010s)

Maggie tells Olivia that they are having an affair, but Steve decides to tell Olivia what happened; he had killed a prisoner patient in a coma in order to save a little girl who needed a transplant.
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As their relationship deepened, the two made plans to leave Port Charles and begin their life together.
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Ewen killed John in revenge for stealing the cards from Ewen's father which led to him committing suicide.